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Welcome to Madhav Autism Foundation

MADHAV AUTISM FOUNDATION Madhav Autism Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under society Act of Telangana State with registration no TSMSAA02711833 MAF was founded on 2nd April 2017(Sunday) on the eve of World Autism Awareness Day.

The main brain behind MAF is Suman Saraf. Justice B. Subhshan Reddy (Hon retd. Chief Justice of Madras and Kerala High Courts, Hon retd.chairman of AP. State Human Rights Commission and Hon retd.Lokayukta of A.P. and Telangana) inaugurated MAF in the presence of Dr. Sandeep Lakhtakia(Sr. gastroenterologist in AIG Hyd), Dr. Mohan Gupta (President of Indian Medical Association Hyd), Dr. Bajrang Singh (Pediatrician), Dr. Satish(Diabetologist), Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy (Orthopedic & President awarded), autic children, their parents and other important personalities.

Our Team

Dr Sandeep lakhtakia

Working in Asian institute of gastroenterology .hyd.As a gastroenterologist

Dr Mohan Gupta

president of Indian medical association,Hyd

Dr shiva Prasad

Oncologist working in Yashoda hospital Somajiguda

Dr Satish Kumar


Dr Lavanya

MBBS, C. Diab Consultant in Diabetes At Dr Kiran’s Diabetes Clinic & Research Institute & Lavanya’s Diabetes care

Dr Niranjan reddy

Yashoda hospital Malakpet .dentist


working as Oncologist for last 12 yrs

Meeta Pansari

Our Story



Suman is the mother of Madhav was diagnosed with infantile spasm at the age of 9 months. Later he became severely epileptic and autistic. It was her challenge to fight autism to make her son Madhav capable to stand on his legs and do something for his own life.

Suman tried to go till the depth of autism and also researched a lot in this field. She did various courses such as physiotherapy (Topped) a special educator for MR children (passed with distinction); She did the Behaviour Modification course from NIHM, Sibling training course (MIHM), ISAA from NIMH and BRAIN GYM. She researched a lot on the diet of autistic and other special needs children and she says that these children can be cured fifty percent by diet only by her experience. Now, Madhav is in 10th Board and doing best in his life by her dedication.

She has also learnt many healing techniques such as Reiki, Dowsing, Magnified Healing, Access Bars consciousness, Crystal Healing and others about which she says that these techniques help to calm down the autistic children. At present, she is pursuing her M.A. (Psychology).Suman was also certified by the Ministry of Ayush on world yoga day as  a Yoga therapist.

Our New Article 


Training Center

Her training centre came across as a blessing to children with autism and their parents because once a child is admitted here, their condition would definitely improve. Taking special care of every child is possible to her. In one word, she dedicated her life to the welfare of autism children

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Suman is training the parents of autistic children as she believes that the parents should know how to handle their child. And due to this, the children with special needs show a lot of improvement when they come to her for training. After having such great experiences she decided herself to serve the society, especially in autism and others health-related issues. Suman has become an autism specialist and is facilitating multiple therapies from past 12 years. Suman believes that the special needs children can’t be cured by single therapy. The need multiple therapies at a time. Suman kept herself always updated from time to time and researched the best options for these children for their betterment. Among these, she found that “Beamer” therapy was the best for them as the changes what she saw with “Beamer” in less time without hard work was not seen by any other therapies and that also permanent changes. For example – kids started writing which was a tough job as for & grass motor was not developed. Their anxiety, tantrums, behaviours all came down. Their attention, focus, concentration, ability to understand, interaction with others increased. Suman gives multiple therapies which really brings changes in them.

Our Mission

Create awareness, educate, support the parents, caretakers and others. 

Our vision – Fight & Beat Autism

Our vision is to advance the rights of people with autism and special needs in all areas of life through advocacy, work, support and raising awareness.

Our Purpose

1. It is the biggest worry raised by the parents of autistic children is “What will happen to our children after us”?

– So it is our responsibility to work with governments and other organizations to make proper arrangements so that these children can survive with bright future. 

– The most important thing is to provide accommodation for those autistic children whose parents are no more. 

2. To bring a ray of hope in the families who are having autistic children.