Bemer & Autism

Suman is the first Indian to Receive the Bemer Star Award



How bemer helps the special needs children?

Why do we need BEMER?

  • Diseases, chronic pain or just feeling tired, sick depressed and stressed, all start with a basic deficiency in the individual cells.
  • All cells need the same 3 thins-nutrients, oxygen and waste removal in order to produce enough energy every day to run our body systems, like the immune, lymphatic or cardiovascular system.
  • There 3 things are delivered and exchanged only through the blood and the circulatory system, specifically through the microcirculation in our 75,000 mile long network of tiny capillaries.
  • If the cells don’t receive what they need, then they can’t perform there functions, our health ultimately suffers and we age more quickly
  • 95% of diseases and health problems today all can be traced back to insufficient blood circulation
  • Conventional medicine methods increase blood circulation by only 5%-10% plus they have undesirable, harmful side effects.
  • BEMER is scientifically proven to help increase blood circulation up to 30% with no negative side effects. As a result, our body can work more efficiently to heal itself and we feel more energetic
  • There is nothing else available today that can match BEMER results.
  • BEMER helps in rising the glutathione levels in the body.


  • It helps in eliminating toxins and metals from the body.
  • Since in autistic ADHD, PDD, and ASD children generally toxins and metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminium are found, so with bemer slowly these levels of metal are eliminated and children on the spectrum become less hyperactive and there attention span increases.
  • Bemer works on micro circulation, since our body is made up of 74% micro vessels, bemer works on micro vessels and removes the blockages.
  • Bemer enhances the oxygen supply to the brain and there parts of the body. So, a lot of differences have been noticed in the children on the autism spectrum after using bemer therapy at our SUMAN AUTISM CENTRE.